Vesna Czech Speaking Club

The Czech language conversation club for teenagers and adults on Tuesdays
The first group 16:00–17:30
The second group 18:00–19:30
Participation fee is 30 Kč.
Please feel free to contact us.

19. 1. 16:00
Jana Skládaná: Czech UNESCO monuments

A lot of visual material and information related to the wonderful UNESCO monuments in the Czech Republic.

19. 1. 18:00
Božena Děcká: Why are Danish children happy

According to statistics, the Danes are one of the happiest people on the Earth. Their mindset is different from elsewhere in Europe — how and what we can learn.

26. 1. 16:00
Jana Bušová: Films and series

26. 1. 18:00
Kateřina Dolejší: Interesting facts from the history of Brno, or What to look for when walking around the city

The moderator will introduce you to places and attractions that you might not notice at first glance while walking around Brno.

2. 2. 16:00
Ivana Filoušová: Czech proverbs

Come and share your favourite proverbs of your motherland: we will try to compare them with the Czech ones.

2. 2. 18:00
David Adamus: Czech poet Jan Skácel and his Brno “touches”

David will guide you through this beautiful poem of Jan Skácel, created for both children and adults.

9. 2. 16:00
Jana Bušová: Travelling in the Czech Republic

Great tips on beautiful places of the Czech Republic. Spring is just around the corner, come and get inspired.

9. 2. 18:00
Renata Šerek: Religious diversity of Brno

We are people and live next to each other. But each of us can have a different faith. And we often behave according to our faith. Let’s talk about religions and how diverse they are.

16. 2. 16:00
Magdaléna Kolářová: The best Czech documentaries

16. 2. 18:00
Tomáš Jeniš: Curiosities from the Czech Republic in 2022/23

Tomáš will entertain you with funny things that happened in the Czech Republic last year.

23. 2. 16:00
Jana Bušová: Travel abroad

This time let’s talk about interesting places beyond the Czech Republic
Maybe they will become the destination of your future weekend or vacation.

23. 2. 18:00
Renata Šerek: Mental health and relaxation

Everyone feels tired and burnt out from time to time. Let’s talk how to make you feel better.